Vent/Finger Plates

Vent plates are used for airflow to help cool motors/generators and are strategically placed in the core stacks. Polaris can offer spot welding, rivets or both.

We stock 22ga Cold Rolled Steel and Cold Finished Flat Bars specifically for Vent/Finger plates.

We now stock 304 Stainless Steel I-Beams!

We stock 1/4" x 3/8" 304 SS I-beams

Vent/Finger Plate

The base laminations can be silicon steel, stainless steel, or cold rolled steel. The fingers can be cold finished flat bar or stainless steel as well as I-beam or rectangular.

Pull Test

A Pull Test is performed prior to spot welding to ensure the strength of the spot weld.

A Finger is spot welded to a lamination and the pull test is performed.

The finger has to pull off the spot weld and part of the lamination to be considered a good weld.