Lamination Stacking

Let Polaris stack your laminations. We have the capability to stack production volume stacks.

We can stack straight or skewed stacks.

No job is too large for Polaris. Whether you have small stacks or large stacks, Polaris can meet your deadlines.

Process for Stacking

Each stack is carefully inspected for accuracy and proper fitment per your drawing specifications. Precision is our specialty.

  1. Laminations are laser cut.
  2. Fixtures are created for the stacks.
  3. Each lamination is carefully stacked to the specified height +/- 1 lamination.
  4. Each stack is aligned using precision gage pins that are accurate to the .0001"
  5. Once stack height is achieved, laminations may be bonded or welded depending on your application.

Bonded or Welded Stacks

Your lamination stacks can be bonded or welded depending on your application.

Visit our Bonding or Welding page for more details.