Reverse Engineering

If your laminations are too damaged and need to be replaced, Reverse Engineering is the proper method.

We understand that downtime is critical and can provide a quick turnaround time for your laminations.

Process for Reverse Engineering

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  1. Send us your existing part or lamination.
  2. We will measure all dimensions of the old part with our Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  3. A new drawing is created.
  4. A test cut lamination is created for your review.
  5. The new drawing and/or the test cut lamination is approved.
  6. The laser is programmed for the new laminations.
  7. New laminations are created.

We have a downloadable datasheet form in MS Word/Adobe PDF format.

Please click on either link and fill out the form.

Datasheet in Word Format

Datasheet in PDF Format

Please email or fax the form to us.

Test Cut Approval

Test cut approval is a necessary step in a successful reverse engineer process.

Once a new drawing is created, we laser cut a "test" lamination for your review. This ensures that all dimensions of your laminations are an exact duplicate of the original. This in turn, ensures proper fitment and/or placement of the lamination stack.