Quality Control is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of our customers.

We take Quality Control very seriously.

Quality control is an improtant factor here at Polaris. Quality Controls include product inspection, where our "test" cut is examined visually, using our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for fine detail before the product goes into production. Our inspectors are qualified to catch unacceptable product defects in any of our parts.

Each lamination is carefully inspected for accuracy and proper fitment per your drawing specifications. Precision is our specialty.

  1. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
  2. We take pride in all our our work here at Polaris.
  3. Every process here at Polaris undergoes strict controls fron start to finish.
  4. We will contact our customers if we see any discrepancies with the drawings, purchase orders, etc.


Your laminations will be inspection with our coordinate measuring machine. (CMM)

Visit our Inspection page for more details.