Motor and Generator Laminations

Is your motor or generator down? Let Polaris Laser replace your existing or worn out laminations with new laminations. We understand that downtime is critical and uscheduled outages can be very costly. Send us your existing laminations to reverse engineer. We have several laser machines to suit your needs.

Are your laminations in decent condition, but need new C5 coating? Send us your existing laminations to recoat with C5 coating.

Read more on our Lamination Refurbishment / C5 coating page

Read more on our Reverse Engineering page


Our lasers can cut a variety of materials:

  1. M19
  2. Any Silicon Steel
  3. Nomex
  4. G-9
  5. G-10
  6. Most Insulators
  7. Hiperco 50
  8. Carpenter 49
  9. Hymu 80
  10. Sura 5 and Sura 7
  11. Arnon 5 and Arnon 7
  12. Cold Rolled Steel(CRS)
  13. Hot Rolled Steel(HRS)