Key Characteristics

  1. Part tolerance up to +/-.001 inch
  2. Mild or Stainless Steel up to 3/4 inch thick
  3. Aluminum up to 1/2 inch thick

Types of parts we have laser cut

  1. Stator Laminations
  2. Rotor Laminations
  3. Motor Laminations
  4. Generator Laminations
  5. Transformer Laminations
  6. Electrical Laminations
  7. Electrical Steel Laminations
  8. Stator Segments
  9. Rotor Segments
  10. Armature Laminations
  11. Prototype Laminations
  12. Endplate Laminations
  13. Vent Plate Laminations
  14. EI Laminations
  15. And Many More...

Laser Cut Laminations for Motors and Generators

Polaris Laser Laminations is a laser cutting job shop specializing in the manufacture of electrical laminates which include: laser cut laminations, motor laminations, generator laminations, stator laminations, and rotor laminations. A wide variety of materials can be laser cut up to a maximum size of five feet by ten feet. All machines are computer controlled so any shape can be laser cut.

Laser cutting is a quick and inexpensive option for motor core applications. Once the motor core is evaluated, a decision is made to replace the the motor laminations to bring the back the motor to an operational state. Downtime is critical to all businesses and Polaris can help facilitate and provide a speedy recovery.

We have many laser machines that can accomodate your needs. We have high speed lasers which are best suited for larger or thicker laminations. We also have small lasers which is best suited for close tolerances.


Our lasers can cut a variety of materials:

  1. M19
  2. Any Silicon Steel
  3. Nomex
  4. G-9
  5. G-10
  6. Most Insulators
  7. Hiperco 50
  8. Carpenter 49
  9. Hymu 80
  10. Sura 5 and Sura 7
  11. Arnon 5 and Arnon 7
  12. Cold Rolled Steel(CRS)
  13. Hot Rolled Steel(HRS)