Coordinate Measuring Machine

Polaris Laser Laminations inspects all of our laser cut parts with our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Our CMM has a high resolution CCD camera with an image processing circuit board.

This provides Polaris the capability to provide a powerful, on screen measurements which surpasses digital readouts.

All dimensions are measured automatically. Our software measures features using many data points yielding greater accuracy.

Here is an inspection report.

Process for Inspection

We have fully automated inspection up to 20 millionths resolution! (That's:+/-.000020")

  1. "Test" cuts are necessary for a precise, quality part.
  2. A "test" cut lamination is laser cut.
  3. All dimensions are measured using our CMM.
  4. Any dimensions outside of tolerance ranges are noted if any.
  5. "Test" part drawing is corrected if any changes are needed.
  6. Another "test" cut is performed on revised part.
  7. Revised part is measured again on CMM.
  8. Parts are then laser cut after quality control approves "test' cut lamination.


  • Inspection is performed on laminations to meet with industry standards
  • We inspect laminations with our state of the art inspection equipment
  • We offer fully automated inspection to 20 millionths resolution
  • PPAP certifications are available
  • Material certifications are available
  • First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) are available