What are EI Laminations?

A large portion of transformers in general use are EI transformers. The name "EI" transformer is derived from the core shape. The EI transformer core is made up of "E" and "I" shaped laminations, hence the name EI transformer.

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EI Transformer Laminations

Polaris can laser cut all sizes of EI transformer laminations. Below are some examples of EI transformer applications:

Instrumentation Electrical control Medical equipment
The Field of new energy Cable TV and Digital Networks Hi-Fidelity and Audio Visual

EI Transformer Materials

EI laminations can be laser cut from a variety of materials and thicknesses:

  1. M19
  2. Any Silicon Steel
  3. Nomex
  4. G-9
  5. G-10
  6. Most Insulators
  7. Hiperco 50
  8. Carpenter 49
  9. Hymu 80
  10. Sura 5 and Sura 7
  11. Arnon 5 and Arnon 7
  12. Cold Rolled Steel(CRS)
  13. Hot Rolled Steel(HRS)
  14. And many more...